Money Money Money

Last week I had an enjoyable (but blooming freezing) day out at the National Memorial Arboretum helping to construct this rather large installation from coins to promote the new Royal Mint remembrance day medallions. Thankfully I have just about regained the feeling in my fingers!

There's a cool stop frame making of here...

Wooly Madness.

I remebered last week how much I used to enjoy making these woven 'god's eyes' as a kid, so I got some wool out and started making. Hilary Walker - photography maestro very kindly agreed to take these still life pics of the finished objects. There's collaborations galore in the air as we're already cooking up a plan for our next bit of work together.

This week we do... windows

Bryony Lloyd and I have had a great few days putting together this colourful peacock display at kids boutique Olive Loves Alfie. So much fun infact, we're gonna do more! Yey!

Scissor Sisters - Any Which Way

A bit late off the mark with this, but was exited to see some of the bits i made (including the scissor sisters flag and alarm clock) in this video i worked on - assisting the excellent art director James Hatt. Fun times.

Sarah May's Sudade Car....


This week I had mega fun helping to create Sarah May's installation for this weekends End of the Road Festival. We started out with an old Austin which was transformed (by a team of amazing car decorating elves) over the course of a few days into this feast of nostalgic retro inspired patterns. A black and white exterior encases an interior crammed with texture and vibrant colour. Cant wait to see how it looked 'in situ' in the middle of a forest with glowing lights. Very Exciting. 
P.s this baby is up for sale on Ebay so if you fancy a new and rather original motor, you know where to look!

dressing up



A couple of weeks ago I was asked by Hairdresser extrodanaire Simon Sparks to create a paper dress for Ciente's entry to an abstract hair competition. Here's my rather angular attempt. Photographed by Joanna Dudderidge.

Ziggurat pics

So here's some more pics of the excellent ziggurat of flavour (thanks to Jules Stobart for top photograph and Ann Charlott Omedal for other images. ) The striped triangles and circular hangings were part of the set I created for the inside of the maze.
As you can see, it was a pretty popular event, with approx 3000 people passing through the maze and fruit cloud over the course of the weekend.  Fairtrade made a cool little video of the event you can watch at - - and we're also looking forward to's 
coverage of the event.

Inspiration is everywhere...

Here's one of the images from the Honda 'Inspiration is Everywhere' project I recently worked on with Hattie Newman and Rachel Lattimore. More pics to follow...

Getting fruity with Bompas and Parr- a sneek peek.

I just returned from a week away with Bompas and Parr at the Big Chill, where we had an amazing time creating the rather magical Ziggurat of Flavour for W & K on behalf of Fairtrade.
Think it's going to take a day or two for me to recover! Once I've exchanged images of the finished thing with the B&P team, I'll be posting them asap.
Also, a massive thanks to Claire Lewis for saving the day and coming along to give me a much needed hand with the optical illusion maze.

Scissor Sisters video

Last week I had the pleasure of working with amazing art director James Hatt on the next Scissor Sisters video. Set to be a feast of slow motion and primary colours, I set to work spray painting, making personalised alarm clocks and making a Scissor Sisters flag. Fun Times!

Bompas and Parr - Ziggurat of Flavour at the Big Chill

I've had a pretty amazing week so far putting together designs for the maze inside Bompas and Parrs eagerly anticipated Ziggurat of flavour at next weeks Big Chill.
There are some real treats instore with this one! Aside from the gigantic 3 storey pyramid itself there's a pretty special experience awaiting those who venture inside! I Absolutely can't wait - optical illusions and all round crazyness here I come.

Olive loves Alfie

There's been plenty going on over the last few weeks down the studio. So much so that the news catch up may have to be spread over a couple of parts.
Here goes!
The lovelly Bryony LLoyd and I spent a few days last week making things for the Coolest Kids shop around - Olive loves Alfie. They had a great stall at Lollibop Childrens festival, in which participants were invited into a hippy wilderness and given amazing outfits to dress up in.
Bryony and I created some pretty ace bits to help bring it all together. I particularly enjoyed making paper animal masks including an owl, peacock, dear and badger!
There'll be proper pics once they're sent our way.

Bits and Bobs

The past couple of weeks i've been working on a few different bits and bobs, including some under the sea themed jewelry for an upcoming shoot with photographer Hillary Walker which i'm getting pretty excited about! Here's a sneek peek of one of the pieces....

Honda, Giant Carrots and tentacles.

Over the past month or so there's been plenty going down in the studio!
Hattie, Rachel and I spent 3 weeks creating a series of paper worlds for Honda's new brochure which is being printed very soon (so pics to follow).
I've also been working on some sculptural jewelry type pieces based on wierd undersea creatures which i'm hoping to shoot as part of a new fashion orientated project.
I also spent a few days making giant carrots and paper creatures for set designer extraordinaire Helen Macintyre. fun times.


I recently moved in to my excellent new studio with excellent new studio buddy Hattie Newman and long time partner in crime Rachel lattimore. Woop.
Its a great relief to finally have somewhere else to go and make mess somewhere other than my living room.
So, i've been getting my stuff sorted and have now nearly finished my new web site... only a couple more days to go.

Science fiction

Here's the finished images from last weeks science fiction shoot which will be featured in the next issue of feral mag .......

barbarella ella ella

This week Rachel lattimore and I finally  managed to shoot our  60's science fiction contribution to the next issue of feral magazine.
With a help from super photographer joanna dudderidge, make up by ellie tobin, hair by simon sparks and of course our lovelly model maude, i think it's gonna turn out pretty good.
heres some pics from our fun day, will post the finished ones when they're ready...