Scissor Sisters video

Last week I had the pleasure of working with amazing art director James Hatt on the next Scissor Sisters video. Set to be a feast of slow motion and primary colours, I set to work spray painting, making personalised alarm clocks and making a Scissor Sisters flag. Fun Times!

Bompas and Parr - Ziggurat of Flavour at the Big Chill

I've had a pretty amazing week so far putting together designs for the maze inside Bompas and Parrs eagerly anticipated Ziggurat of flavour at next weeks Big Chill.
There are some real treats instore with this one! Aside from the gigantic 3 storey pyramid itself there's a pretty special experience awaiting those who venture inside! I Absolutely can't wait - optical illusions and all round crazyness here I come.

Olive loves Alfie

There's been plenty going on over the last few weeks down the studio. So much so that the news catch up may have to be spread over a couple of parts.
Here goes!
The lovelly Bryony LLoyd and I spent a few days last week making things for the Coolest Kids shop around - Olive loves Alfie. They had a great stall at Lollibop Childrens festival, in which participants were invited into a hippy wilderness and given amazing outfits to dress up in.
Bryony and I created some pretty ace bits to help bring it all together. I particularly enjoyed making paper animal masks including an owl, peacock, dear and badger!
There'll be proper pics once they're sent our way.