Still one more day to go...

Here's a snapshot of the pics we've taken so far. See them all at

140 Characters at Mother

This week I'm working on an exciting project with fantastic photographer Nick Ballon, documenting a week in the life of Mother ad agency. Follow @motherlondon on twitter for updates as they happen, or check out 140 Characters to see where we've got to so far.

Final Shots...

Here's the two finished shots from my test shoot the other week with Sam Hoffman. Pretty pleased with the results and looking forward to the next ones!

Do It yourself

I'm happy to say that over the past few weeks I've been too busy to blog. Got a few projects on the go at the moment, the first one of which being a new colaboration with the amazing photographer Sam Hofman. Last week we shot the first couple of images from a new still life series based on goo dold fashioned high street shops. Above are a couple of pics from my DIY shop prop sourcing trips and the moulds use used to make concrete shapes.  Looking forward to posting the finished images and getting started on the next set of images.