Scissor Sisters - Any Which Way

A bit late off the mark with this, but was exited to see some of the bits i made (including the scissor sisters flag and alarm clock) in this video i worked on - assisting the excellent art director James Hatt. Fun times.

Sarah May's Sudade Car....


This week I had mega fun helping to create Sarah May's installation for this weekends End of the Road Festival. We started out with an old Austin which was transformed (by a team of amazing car decorating elves) over the course of a few days into this feast of nostalgic retro inspired patterns. A black and white exterior encases an interior crammed with texture and vibrant colour. Cant wait to see how it looked 'in situ' in the middle of a forest with glowing lights. Very Exciting. 
P.s this baby is up for sale on Ebay so if you fancy a new and rather original motor, you know where to look!

dressing up



A couple of weeks ago I was asked by Hairdresser extrodanaire Simon Sparks to create a paper dress for Ciente's entry to an abstract hair competition. Here's my rather angular attempt. Photographed by Joanna Dudderidge.